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Registrations and Affiliations - What is the difference between registrations and affiliations?

Affiliations - All players and officials must affiliate to England Netball. Affiliations are for 12 months from 1st September each calendar year and provide insurance cover. It is a requirement of our league rules for all clubs/teams to submit on line affiliations via the England Netball website Engage. Annual fees are paid direct to England Netball and SETNA stipulate all affiliations must be submitted and paid by 1st September (winter) and 1st March (summer) each calendar year.  Additional players must be affiliated prior to the player taking the court.  Fines apply for non-compliance as per rules of the competition.  Second claim players should also be affiliated to each team/club – no fees apply.

Registrations - Every player has to be registered for a team before she can play and the relevant form has to be submitted to the Affiliation secretary before the player takes the court. There are no fees to pay to SETNA when registering players. Before the start of each season team sheets with a minimum of 7 players must be submitted to the affiliation secretary by either 31st July for the Winter Season or 15th February for the Summer Season.

Who do I contact to register additional players?

Zoe is our affiliation secretary and additional player registration forms can be obtained from her or via our website.

How long do registrations last?

Only for the current playing season. Summer and winter are treated separately. All players must re-register for each season's competition i.e. summer and winter.

Can a player transfer from another club during the season?

Yes, provided that the player has told her existing club that she no longer wishes to play for them and a player transfer form is completed and either emailed or posted to the affiliation secretary, the player and both team secretaries  prior to the player taking the court for the new team. Players are only allowed one transfer per season providing there are three or more games remaining as on the stipulated fixture list. A player having completed the fixtures for her own team in any one season shall not be allowed to register for another team in the same season.

Cancelled and Rearranged Matches

What do I do if I have to cancel the match?

Contact your opposition advising them as soon as possible. If it is your home game you must complete the result card and give to the results secretary OR advise by email advising of the reason why the game was cancelled. If you are the away team please email the results secretary so that she is aware of the cancellation. You will incur a fine of £10 and the loss of 3 points for cancelling the game and if you are the away team you must also reimburse the home team their court fees and umpires expenses within 7 days.

What do I do if my umpire does not turn up?

If this happens write to the Results Secretary and explain the circumstances. Your umpire must also write into the committee explaining their reasons for failing to attend. Both letters must be received within 7 days of the original fixture date for a replay to be considered by the committee.

I do not have enough players for a match; can I rearrange it for another week?

No. If you do not have enough players then the game will be forfeited and the points awarded to the opposition. You will also incur a fine of £10 and have 3 points deducted.


Can any matches be rearranged?

In some circumstances they can but the game must be played in the same week as it was originally scheduled. To do this you have to: Obtain agreement from the opposition at least 14 days before the scheduled fixture. You will also have to check court availability with Hassenbrook School and advise the results secretary.

Who is responsible for sending in the cards?

It is the responsibility of the HOME team (team named first on fixture list) to provide and submit both the result card (green card) and registration card (white card) within 24 hours of the match taking place.

There are two post boxes situated at the courts for your convenience and should you forget to drop your cards in the post boxes you can email them to the Results Secretary/Affiliations Secretary but they must also be submitted either in the boxes at the courts or by post.

Can I have neutral umpires?

Yes. A team can request neutral umpires on two occasions per season. You must contact the Umpiring Secretary giving at least 3 weeks’ notice and you will be responsible for both umpires’ costs.

I am having difficulties finding an umpire!

If you are having difficulty in finding an umpire please contact the Umpiring Secretary who may be able to assist you; however this is not a guarantee that an umpire will be found for you. It is still the responsibility of each team to supply an Umpire.

Who do I contact if I have a query relating to anything other than a game?

Please contact the Hon. Secretary.

I would like to book a court for training or for a friendly match - who do I contact?

All court bookings for Hassenbrook can be made through


Please note all SETNA correspondence is conducted electronically and it is imperative that you supply a current email address and check your email account regularly. Any important information is also displayed on the SETNA notice board (inside red courts - adjacent to court 4).